Do You Want To Build A Business That 
Gives You More Freedom And Allows You To LIVE YOUR IDEAL LIFESTYLE?
What if you could build a business that lets you:
  • Make as much money as you want! Leverage your knowledge and experience to write your own paychecks instead of trading hours for dollars!
  • Work in a way that truly fulfills you and enables you to make a real difference in the world. You won’t be just another cog in the machine!
  • Experience true freedom everyday – live anywhere you want – whether that’s working from home and spending more quality time with your loved ones, or traveling the world and going on new adventures.
  • Escape the stress of the everyday working world and enjoy life by taking vacations whenever and wherever you want.
  • Enjoy your life, and work with a deep sense of fulfillment, instead of postponing all the good things for retirement and regretting the moments you can’t get back.
This is not just another pipe dream. This can be your everyday reality!
You have the power to create your ideal lifestyle… 
the kind that most people think is impossible! 
Sasha dreamed of being location independent, and now she is!
Sasha Peakall,
Sales Funnel Strategist & Copywriter,, Australia
“Before joining the Freedom Plan getting to do work I loved everyday and living a location independent life seemed like just a far off dream. But thanks to Natalie and this amazing program I'm living that dream everyday!

If you dream of a living a life on your own terms and running a successful business to support that lifestyle then the Freedom Plan™ is an absolute must!

Whether you're just starting out or want to stop being a slave to your existing business then this program will equip you with the knowledge, tools and support to get you there. This is a WIN WIN program, you have nothing to lose!
I’m here to help you create your own Freedom Plan.
If anyone knows the truth about freedom, it’s me.

I’m Natalie Sisson, founder of the Suitcase Entrepreneur and the Freedom Plan. 

Over the past 6 years, I’ve built a multiple six-figure business from my laptop while traveling to over 70 countries and living out of my suitcase. 

But it wasn’t always this way. 

I took the traditional route after university and spent 8 years in the corporate world. That is, until I was sick and tired of the office politics and bureaucracy that held me back from doing meaningful work. 

I made a gutsy leap and quit the security and guaranteed income of my job to take off to Vancouver, Canada, where I’d never been and ‘do my own thing’. 

I was fortunate enough to find a business partner while at a networking event and together we co-founded a technology company in 2008 called FundRazr, that today is the No #1 fundraising app on Facebook. 

It was an amazing experience enduring the rollercoaster startup ride in a fast-paced, competitive environment, but it also was a real learning lesson. 

We were constantly working crazy-long hours, for way less pay, while drinking too much coffee and losing our perspective on a ‘balanced’ life. 

I had helped build a company that kept me tied down and restricted – with no time or real freedom. It was like being back in a job. 

In that moment, I realized that if I TRULY wanted to be free to design my own lifestyle, go on crazy cool adventures, and be financially free, I’d have to design my perfect business myself.
So I took my blog that I had started in late 2009, my existing skillset, knowledge and a whole lot of passion and determination, and struck out on my own to monetize ME so that I could live life on my own terms. 

I figured out how to turn my sweet spot – that intersection between what I already knew, what I was really good at and what people would pay me for, into a real business that paid me to do what I love – help people create freedom in business and adventure in life. 

I set about creating systems, building a team and developing a sales funnel so I could work on my business when I wanted, not when I had to. 

Since then, I’ve helped thousands of people in my community realize that with the right mindset, determination, and strategic hustle, you can pretty much achieve anything you set out to do RIGHT NOW. 

Because ‘someday’ never comes and the time will never be right for you to pursue your dreams – you’re in charge of YOUR time. 

I don’t want you counting down the days to retirement. I want to help you live life to the fullest right NOW!
Imagine living out your Perfect Day…EVERYDAY!
Instead of hearing the alarm clock go off way too early and smacking the “snooze” button, desperately hoping to put off starting your day for another 10 minutes, you wake up feeling SO invigorated and excited about the day that you can’t wait to get up and experience everything life has to offer.
You wake up early and do a refreshing yoga session followed by morning meditation or go out for an energising early morning surf that gets you ready to jump into the day ahead. 

You use those first few hours of the day to write and create great content that will help your community before heading off to the gym to do a workout. 

You then enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast with great fresh coffee and get into 3-4 hours of work that you have prioritized the night before. 

This could be a combination of coaching calls, engaging in your membership community, working on your sales funnel, engaging with media or speaking opportunities and some online marketing or a catch up call with your team to see if you are on track to meet your goals. 

When you are done you head off to the beach for a swim and relax, or to a cool cafe to read a book or meet with some fellow entrepreneurs for lunch or an afternoon drink and impromptu mastermind session. 

You can spend my afternoons and evenings playing tennis, cycling, napping and pretty much doing whatever you please.

Not a bad life is it?

It’s unbelievable that this is exactly the life I am able to live these days because I took responsibility for creating my ideal lifestyle.

Every so often I reflect on all those days I spent rushing around, pursuing an unfulfilling career and waking up in a panic with that feeling of dread and looming stress in the pit of my stomach about going off to work for someone else.
I want you to be able to look out the window to see the sun setting over the ocean… knowing that today was your perfect day and you’re grateful that you created a business that allows you to experience this every single day, and that you deserve it!
Introducing the
Earn More. Live Life. Be Free
If you’re going to build a business and career that supports your ideal lifestyle and start living life on your terms, you need to have a solid plan in place. And not just some cookie-cutter plan that attempts to shove you into the exact same mold as everyone else.
You need a plan that is uniquely tailored to what YOU want out of your life and your business.And you need to get the plan rolling quickly.

If you’re like many people, you’ve already wasted years of your life making money for a corporate boss who couldn’t care less about you or your happiness.

The time to make a massive change is NOW!

That’s why I’ve designed the Freedom Plan™ 
to take you from zero to full speed in just 12 weeks!
Mick got his business off the ground in less than 6 months!
Mick Russell,
Video Producer and Strategy, Australia
“For the last 5 years I have been ‘playing’ around with the idea of a location independent business and now after implementing the training in this program I have a clear strategy to actually make it happen.

I realized what was even more important to me was having more quality time to spend with my daughter and less time working for the man. With my ‘why’ being so crystal clear now I am excited to have gotten my Video Marketing business off the ground within 6 months of completing The Freedom Plan™ and I am constantly booked with new clients and referrals!

If you’ve been ‘thinking’ about doing something for yourself but not taken any steps towards making it a reality yet, then you need to invest in The Freedom Plan™ program to give you a clear plan to make it happen now.”
You too can create a thriving business in under 6 months following the The Freedom Plan™ system.
The Freedom Plan™ takes you through the
three stages of building a profitable business
that supports your ideal lifestyle:


Embrace the Freedom Mindset
Before you start creating your business plan you’ll need to get rid of the outdated, limiting beliefs and ideas that are keeping you chained to your 9 to 5 job or side hustle or stuck making the same level of income in your business. 

Stage one does exactly that… and gives you the fresh, inspired mindset you need to go after your dreams and take charge of your future! This stage is all about envisioning what you really want out of life, designing your ideal lifestyle and making it a reality.
“This course was life changing for me. It contained practical, step-by-step assignments that had me first exploring myself and who I really wanted to be, rather than who I thought I wanted to be and then practical exercises that helped me move towards the right path for my life. My plan went from lofty ambition to a solid foundation.  

I went from what I thought would make me money to where my dreams and passions really were. Thanks to this program and Natalie’s kind, generous and wise guidance I was able to  set off forging my own path to freedom.”
Amanda Workman,, Texas


Creating YOUR Financial Freedom
Here, we get into the nuts and bolts of what it takes to make the true freedom lifestyle happen for YOU! You’ll discover how to create the perfect one-page biz plan, identify your ideal customer, discover exactly what you want out of your business, and choose the perfect strategies for launching your product or service! 

Then you’ll nail your website and email list, fire up your social media and marketing strategy, and learn how to streamline your business and outsource the rest.
“I really enjoyed The Freedom Plan™. The structure was easy to follow and it covers everything that you NEED in order to get your business set up and running properly, right from the start!

My favorite section was on choosing your niche …. It helped me get really clear on who I was creating products and programs for and how to market to them. The Facebook group was beautifully interactive, too, full of really lovely people who were super supportive and gave great advice.”
Nancy-Lynn Vorel,
Business Success Catalyst, United States


Living the Freedom Lifestyle
You’ll discover proven strategies for staying productive and growing your business from anywhere, while putting in the least number of work hours possible. You’ll look at where in the world you can live and travel if you choose to and how to set up a location independent life from your own home. 

It’s all about balancing so that you get to enjoy the rewards of your business while keeping the income flowing month after month, year after year!
“I chose Natalie’s program because she “walks the walk” by living and succeeding at the exact lifestyle I desired: Managing a successful business while being totally location independence.

And I can proudly report that in 2015, I have spent time in New Zealand, United States, Bali, France, Netherlands and Bahrain…all while running my (now!)
6-figure business from my laptop!

The Freedom Plan™ is for ANYONE who has thought of “escaping” their current work situation and who desires to build a business from anywhere in the world.”
Mari Connor,
Social Media Marketing Strategist
Are you ready to create your own Freedom Plan?
Now maybe you’re thinking...

“This program seems like it's just for people wanting to start a new business. But I already have a business”.

Well not to worry this course has been designed to enable you to take your existing business and transform it into that freedom business you’ve been yearning for. But don’t just take my word for it... 

Here's what established business owners have to say:
Anna Scothern, 
Empowering Business Leaders, England
“I had been in a rut for many years and The Freedom Plan™ provided me with a mechanism to find a way out of working 60-70 hours, with a huge amount of travel and no joy and squeezing friends and family into what’s left.

Since taking the program I’ve had the confidence to go for it, to follow and commit to my passion to build a life I don’t need a vacation from. 

The Freedom Plan™ helped me get a laser focus on who my perfect client is (and isn’t) and how to develop personal mechanisms to give my clients A1 service and value add alongside having an awesome life. 

This is not just a one hit wonder program, this is a life changing program with ongoing access, support and inspiration.“ 
Before I joined the Freedom Plan™ I felt very overwhelmed and wasn’t sure who my ideal customers were or where my business was going. 

I wasn’t really looking for anything as I didn’t even know what to look for but I certainly needed help.
Joining the Freedom Plan™ has been one of the best decisions I made which lead me to having more clarity in my business, going from barely any clients to being booked in advance, and many doors have opened ever since that would have never been possible.” 
Kasia Zukowska, 
WordPress Consultant & Web Designer,, United States
Adrienne Clark, 
Coach and Consultant, United States
“When I first heard about The Freedom Plan™ I had been working on my business on and off for about a year. I was making progress but at a very slow pace. I also got to a point where I was just plain stuck!

By joining Natalie’s program I gained confidence that what I was doing was worthwhile and that I needed to just keep going with it. I also created an editorial calendar to map out my blog posts, a one page business plan to keep me on track, and got clear on my ideal customer. 

The Freedom Plan™ and the community has provided me HUGE support, a great informational resource, and a source of ongoing guidance for me – if this sounds like what you need sign up! You won’t regret it! I’ll see you there!”
“I've taken many classes, courses, and coaching already, but yours are different. I like your simplicity, your insight and getting straight to the point.” 
Nanou Sassou Benjamin, 
Exclusive Distributor,, United States
The complete Freedom Plan Curriculum:
You will learn what it REALLY takes to create a freedom mindset and establish the right vision for the business and lifestyle you really want.
The Freedom Mindset
+ How to Make Your
Dream Life a Real Life
  • The #1 mistake that people make when they try to build a lifestyle business
  • The SMILE Formula to apply to your freedom-based life
  • The key internal qualities you need to be truly free and how to go about developing them
  • The 3 stage map to create your Lifestyle Business Freedom Plan
Creating and Designing Your Perfect Day
Part 1- Your Perfect Day
  • Discover your “Perfect Day” – what is it, how to create it and how you can live it EVERY day!
  • Proven strategies to make your Perfect Day become a weekly if not daily reality
  • Your Daily Freedom Routine that will set you up for massive success
Part 2 - Your Painted Picture
  • Introducing the Painted Picture–your most powerful mindset tool
  • Examples of inspiring Painted Pictures
  • Start creating your own Painted Picture using my template
Creating Your Perfect Freedom Business and Your Financial Path to Freedom

  • A background on my story and how I discovered “The Freedom Lifestyle.”
  • How to identify and utilize your sweet spot to figure out which business idea to run with or refine your existing one
  • 9 amazing case studies of people just like you who’ve chosen to live life on their own terms
  • Choosing your ideal business model that is going to work for you – because there’s no cookie cutter approach to freedom.
  • Learn the differences between active vs. residual income and what’s best for your lifestyle
Gareth went from NO business idea to starting a new business!
Gareth Jones,
Neurolanguage Coach,
United Kingdom
“Before joining The Freedom Plan™ I had absolutely no idea where to start or what to do in order to build any kind of business let alone an online one. Thanks to all the superbly presented information in the well-structured modules, help from other Freedom Plan™ members and excellent coaching from Natalie, I’m now on my way with a clear idea of what my business is, who I’m targeting and how I’m going to do it.

If you’re looking to start an online business to get your own version of freedom, you’ll be hard pressed to find another program of this quality that offers such great value for money. I totally recommend The Freedom Plan™.”
You will learn the Six Foundational Steps to building an online business you can run from anywhere in the world and how to streamline your business and build a team to give you more time, money and freedom.
Finding Your 
Passion + Tribe
  • What is a niche?
  • Why is it important and 3 steps to find yours
  • What is an avatar + why do you need to create one?
  • Use ‘Am I Your Customer’ guide exercises to create your own raving tribe
  • Define and create your ideal avatar’s perfect offerings
  • Plus you’ll get a copy of my book:
    Am I Your Customer: How to find your niche, attract your ideal customer and charge what you’re worth (valued at $37)
Creating Your
Big Launch Plan
  • What do you need to consider before you launch?
  • What does a launch involve?
  • The 4 Phase Launch strategy to ensure your success
  • Real life success case studies + big money results
  • How to prioritize activities, time + budget to define ‘what’ to launch using my unique “Profit Matrix calculator”
  • Create your own Lucrative Launch Plan
Your One-Page
“Miracle” Business Plan
  • What is my infamous “1 Page biz plan” method + why does it work?
  • How to use the 1 Page template to choose clear goals, objectives and your path to profitability
  • Examples of profitable 1 Page Biz Plans in action
  • Craft your full 1 Page Biz Plan with at least two revenue stream ideas based on your biz model and launch plans
How to Build a Powerful Website and Brand Platform That Converts
Part 1- Your Beautiful Website
  • How to go from website shame to website fame
  • 10 facts about how people view websites
  • The 5 ‘Must-Have’ website pages that will attract and convert visitors into raving fans
  • Real-life examples of successful brands doing this 
  • The ‘no website option’ to build your list and business through squeeze and landing pages
Part 2 - Your Brilliant Blog
  • How to build a powerful blog that positions you as an expert
  • Crafting killer blog posts that engage readers and lead them to spend their money with you
  • How to optimize your blog content
  • How to get your content shared far and wide and how to get more traffic and visits from your ideal customer
The Sales Funnel (Simplified)
Part 1- Sales Funnel Strategy
  • What is a sales funnel and why you must have one to consistently attract and convert new leads
  • The exact sales funnel I use for turning prospects into buying customers and then REPEAT customers, which you can apply right away
  • 10 ways to drive traffic to your business and website
  • 9 methods for capturing and converting leads into sales and building your email list from scratch
  • Tracking your results and optimizing them for success
Part 2 - Emails that Get Read
  • How to craft great email subject lines that get people to open and click
  • How to avoid the spam filters so your emails reach more people
  • Setting up your welcome email and autoresponder sales funnel
  • Bonus: Swipe files of email templates to use as autoresponders that lead to juicy sales.
  • Plus you’ll get my book: The Proven 8 Step Formula to Build a Lucrative Sales Funnel (valued at $57)
Your Killer Marketing + Social Media Strategy
Part 1- Social Media 101
  • How to market yourself like a rockstar and position yourself as the go-to person in your niche
  • A step by step breakdown of the top social media sites to use and which ones will be best for you to drive new business and leads
  • Real life case studies of people crushing it on social media
  • Creating a content marketing editorial calendar that will help you jump ahead of the rest
Part 2 - Social Media Anylytics
  • How to set realistic goals for social media success and how to track and use your results
  • The top tools to streamline and automate your social media efforts
Sexy Systems to Streamline your Business and Life
  • Key tools to run your business from anywhere (with a downloadable checklist)
  • How to identify your gaps and select tools to streamline your business
  • Making these tools work for you on a daily basis so you can be more efficient and in control
(like a boss!)
  • What are the benefits of Outsourcing + reasons we don’t delegate?
  • How to create your 3 lists to Freedom
  • How to make your first hire and swipe files to use right away
  • How to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to give you maximum freedom and allow team members to take over your job when you’re away.
  • Sharing your vision + Painted Picture with your team.
  • Creating your Outsourcing Plan!
Karen went from just one product to launching multiple products!
Karen Wojciechowski,
Health Coach,, Canada
“The Freedom Plan™ showed me step by step how to really think about my ideal customer and look at building my website online as a business rather than just as a website with one product.

It also helped me put together a business plan that not only got me excited but actually looked achievable. I learnt skills that are helping me implement my business plan such as how to build a brand, set up my sales funnel and a whole bunch of great online tools I hadn’t heard of to help me meet my goals.

I have launched a new website, ebook, and training series and more than doubled my email list. I am now working on further products and programs for my audience.
PERSONAL FREEDOM: Location Freedom
How to factor in your level of location independence and build a lifestyle you adore.

Living a Freedom Lifestyle in a Traditional Society
Part 1- Creating Your Legacy
  • Staying true to your chosen lifestyle and dealing with those who don’t understand it
  • 3 Tips to being a successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur and achieving personal happiness
  • Motivation and mindset and staying healthy – critical must knows for a Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Part 2 - Setting Up Your Perfect Freedom Environment
  • The morning power ritual to maximize your success
  • 6 Steps to Daily Success, for maximum productivity and true freedom
  • Setting up your work environment for minimalism, focus and daily happiness (at home and coworking spaces)
  • How to plan your year to achieve your goals, focus on your priorities and have fun while creating more freedom
Choosing Where To
Work, Live + Play

  • What does it take to be free – a Guide to Location Independence
  • Where in the world should you travel based on your level of wanderlust
  • What do you need to know before you hit the road
  • Your complete checklist to pack like an expert – mentally + physically
  • Checklist of the key travel tools + accessories you need
  • Learn how to create your own Flight Plan Toolkit
Amy turned her 1:1consultation business into a scalable virtual business!
Amy Rasdal,
Founder Billable with Baby™,
"A million thank you's for the Freedom Plan! Two months ago my goals were to develop Billable with Baby™ as a scalable virtual business.

Now I have a clear idea of the path to get there. This was my first experience with an online program and group coaching. It was such a wonderful surprise. I felt totally supported the entire time and I felt like I received all of the personal attention I needed. Natalie, you are the best role model ever! I plan to remain in the Freedom community and I will be looping back on the modules to dig deeper on relevant modules as I build my business.

A few years from now when I’m being interviewed about my wild success, I will tell them I got my start with you! Thank you again!"

$97 Value
You will get access to two of my very best business-building guides:
Am I Your Customer and The Proven 8 Step Method to Build a Lucrative Sales Funnel, valued at $97… and they’re worth much more than that to your business… but you’re getting them absolutely free! Plus the exercises in them are incorporated into the Freedom Plan modules so you take real action.

These wildly popular guides are reserved for freedom plan members only and you can't buy them anywhere on my website. But join today and you get access to these guides for free!

Plus you’ll get these HOT bonuses:
Osmaan Sharif – Entrepreneurial Mindset Coach & Founder of Rapid Transformation
HOT BONUS #1: Back pocket tools to rapidly transform your MINDSET
  • Understand how your mind works and why it impacts your mindset … so you make it work for YOU & not against you!
  • How to quickly put your finger on where your REAL challenge is & then overcome it.
  • Why embracing your Entrepreneurial Superpower will stop you from thinking you need to be an all-rounder & do everything!
  • The negative impact your beliefs could be having on you without you even knowing it & how to let go of them!
Jo Bendell - Productivity Coach & Founder of
HOT BONUS #2: How to be more productive + 11 tips for productivity
  • Learn how to achieve more in a week than most people do in a month 
  • What makes people more productive than others and where you might be tripping yourself up
  • The one thing you need to be aware of to totally transform your productivity
  • The top 11 productivity tips
Karen Wojciechowski, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Founder of
HOT BONUS #3: Top Health Tips To Help You Optimise Your Performance – At Home 
& On The Road
  • Why prioritising your health is a business activity with a big return on investment
  • How to eat right when you’re short on time or on the move, to perform at your optimum
  • Exercises you can do from anywhere with zero equipment – how many are you showing? Is it like 5 Killer exercises you can do…..
  • Strategies to prevent burn out, stay focused & optimise your brain function
Kasia Zukowska, WordPress Consultant & Web Designer,
HOT BONUS #4: How to setup a WordPress website in a weekend
  • You’ll learn how to buy a domain and set up hosting.
  • How to install WordPress Choose the right themes and plugins
  • Make sure everything is secure and backed up so you never lose it all.
HOT BONUS #5: How to create a sexy Lead Magnet
  • You’ll learn what a lead magnet is, and how to create one in a weekend that builds your lists and attract your ideal customer.
HOT BONUS #6: How to use LeadPages to convert traffic into leads and sales
  • You’ll learn what a lead magnet is, and how to create one in a weekend that builds your lists and attract your ideal customer.
Debashish is finally doing what he loves!
Debashish Das, 
Founder of, India
“The Freedom Plan could not have been timed better for me. When I was torn between making money with my freelance gigs and doing what I loved, it helped me get clarity on the way forward and the exercises have given me a decision making tool.
The support in the Facebook group have been fantastic. Honestly, I have never seen a more involved and enthusiastic group of people in any online course or community. 

And Natalie’s style of delivery is brilliant and makes the lessons really hit home. The Freedom Plan™ was the best investment I made. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who believes in living life on their own terms, but hasn’t found a way to do so yet.”
Here’s What You’ll Get Out Of 
The Freedom Plan™ 12-Module Course!

The 12 modules of my online program take you through every step of the way to building your ideal lifestyle business. In short, the course is going to help you:
  • Focus your mind on your own ‘perfect day’ and your three year goals so that you can stay focused, inspired and enthusiastic every single day!
  • Discover what kinds of freedom you want in your life and business.
  • Identify new and ramp up old revenue streams that free up your time and turn over profits while you sleep!
  • Understand who is your ideal customer and ideal niche market, which is essential to successful marketing and income stream development.
  • Generate a concise business plan that will be the backbone of your business and give you the direction you need to meet your lifestyle goals!
  • Establish your brand online and create professional sales funnels that turn visitors into raving fans and the happy customers of your high-ticket products and services!
  • Master the tools and sexy systems you need to streamline your business and boost productivity.
  • Learn how to use outsourcing to free up more time for the activities you truly enjoy!
  • Improve your existing lifestyle, travel and health regime to support your goal of true independence!
In short, when you complete my program you’ll have a customized blueprint for a business that works for you – not the other way around!

The Freedom Plan does all this through online coursework and focused masterclasses.  

All of this is hosted on our dedicated Members’ site that is completely mobile friendly and you can download all the course material to work through offline! 

You’ll be kept accountable through online tracking of our exercises and have lifetime access to our online community of Freedomists! 

This can be a real game-changer as you get to learn from and talk to people just like you, who are building crazy cool businesses and creating a lifestyle based on freedom.
Amy went from no business idea to her first client in just 3 months!
Amy Mitchell, 
Project Manager & Systems Expert, Canada
In 2014, I decided that I wanted a location independent business. I had no idea what it would look like or how I would do it. I just knew I wanted to work and travel, somehow. 

I knew then, that I HAD to create my own freedom plan, so that I could live a better lifestyle, feel healthier and be free to travel and spend more time with family and friends. What was missing though, was the support needed to help me with my journey, I was overwhelmed and exhausted. So when I heard about The Freedom Plan, I knew that was EXACTLY what I needed

From the time I signed up for The Freedom Plan, it took me exactly three months to go from having no business, no website, no clients, not even a business idea to signing my first client in my perfect niche. 

When I joined The Freedom Plan in 2015, I never thought my own freedom plan would now include becoming a part of The Suitcase Entrepreneur team and now I am. Best. Investment. Ever.

The Freedom Plan is packed with valuable content that shows you the best, fastest way through each growing pain of building a business. 

It’s a fast track, a blueprint, an action-spurring machine.”
Invest In The Freedom Plan Self Study Program

Lifetime access to all 12 action-packed modules of The Freedom Plan, complete with downloadable video, audio, and transcripts. Value $4000

Workbooks with exercises, templates, and swipe files for each of the 
12 modules. Value $1000

Two complementary Build Your Online Business eBooks. Value $97

24/7 technical support. Value $100

Lifetime access to the exclusive Facebook community for support, accountability, advice, and to share your wins. Value $1000

A 30-Day Action-Taking Money-Back Guarantee. No Risk

8 x Bonus Master Classes. Value $2000

The complete list of Tools and Resources for running your business from anywhere. Value $100

Lifetime Access to The Freedom Plan™. Priceless!
Total Value $8,297

I firmly believe in over-delivering… 

I want you to have every advantage possible while you’re creating your freedom lifestyle business. 

That is why I’m offering 2 different ways for you to invest in The Freedom Plan™ training program. 

You can choose whichever option you feel is the best for you right now.

Want a more flexible option?

Susan was able to fine tune her business systems for better results!
Susan Stevens, 
Founder of Meme & Co
The Freedom Plan™ has provided massive value to both myself and my business. 

The modules are rich in content, not only providing great insight and learnings but the information can be readily applied. As I worked through each module, I was able to fine-tune my current systems and procedures whilst also introducing other value added propositions to further strengthen my business.

Natalie has a wealth of experience and knowledge, it is invaluable having the opportunity to connect with her directly on specific areas of my business in the group coaching calls and Freedom Plan Facebook group whilst also extending my network with other like-minded entrepreneurs who help keep you accountable.”

Still got doubts?

Here’s my 100% Action-Taking 
Money Back Guarantee
I’ve helped hundreds of people literally change their lives since I launched The Freedom Plan™, so I’m confident that you will love my program too.

Creating your perfect lifestyle business however, comes through determination, hustle and putting in the work.Yes, you have to fight for freedom and it takes time to get there.

I can teach you more than you can possibly imagine through my program and you can create some amazing results if you take action and put in the work.

However, if you are not absolutely thrilled with the wealth of life-changing information or your progress through The Freedom Plan program, I will refund every penny of your investment! All you have to do is email me within the first 30 days of starting the program, and attach completed workbooks of any 3 modules of your choice. 

If you show me that you have taken action and it’s still not helping you, I’ll gladly give you your money back.

I want you to have every opportunity to enjoy the adventurous, fulfilling life that comes with owning your own Freedom Lifestyle business. So the only thing left for you to do… is get started NOW!

I’ve made it super-simple to take the first step toward your new, adventurous life. After you enroll you’ll instantly get access to The Freedom Plan™ Members site where you’ll begin your journey to a fulfilled life with your own business and life-time access.

The Freedom Plan™ Isn’t For the Dreamers But Designed 
For the Action-Takers!

The Freedom Plan™ won’t help you if…
  • You’re simply wishing for a better life and more personal freedom… but you can’t give up the “security” of letting an employer make all of your decisions for you.
  • You’re not willing to invest the time, roll your sleeves up and get dirty with some good ol’ fashioned hard work necessary to transform your life and start enjoying the freedom that a go-anywhere business can provide.
  • You’re in the habit of buying products and programs thinking the act of doing so will give you a magic bullet to all your problems without having to do anything.

But if you’re really ready to make an incredible, positive change in your life, and enjoy the kind of business that can make you thrilled to get out of bed every morning… then the Freedom Plan™ is the perfect solution for YOU!
If the thought of staying stuck in an average life doesn’t thrill you…
 Do yourself the biggest favor of your life and join the Freedom Plan today before enrollment closes!
Making an investment in your future can be a scary thing – it’s a commitment to creating a better life. 

But if you don’t make the commitment by joining The Freedom Plan™ today, what will your life look like a year from now? Five years from now? 

That’s what I thought – it’ll look exactly like it does today (if you’re lucky). 
Don’t let any more of your time slip through your fingers… break free with The Freedom Plan™ now!

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Helena now has more time to spend with her kids!
Helena Bianchi, 
Health Coach,, Canada 
“As a mom who decided to not have a 9-5 job so I could spend more time with my kids and who really wanted to turn her passion into an online business, Natalie’s program was *exactly* what I was looking for.

Signing up was THE best decision I have made for myself and my business.

I started from zero and created my 1-page business plan, I got my website done and started gathering leads and I am now creating my first online program. The Freedom Plan™ is worth every penny and way more!”
Still got questions? Check my FAQs for the answers
How much time do I need to commit during the program?
You need to commit between 30-90 minutes per week to get the most out of the course. However, you can take it at your own pace. Some people complete it in 8 weeks, others take several months to work through it on their own terms.
Stage 1 is the most ‘intensive’ and fun in terms of shifting your mindset and envisioning what you really want out of life. In Stage 2, the first two modules are often considered the most thought provoking because they push you to discover your ideal customer and your real niche as well as devising your launch plans. Stage 3 helps you come to terms with what a location-independent lifestyle could mean for you and how to put it into action.

Don’t forget: You get lifetime access to the course and the community, and I’ve seen a lot of people revisiting the modules as they develop their business and lifestyle plans.

In short, you will feel on top of the world and manage the new modules and exercises as they’re released if you block out 20-30 minutes in your calendar, just 2-3 times per week.
If I’m a stay at home parent, is this training relevant to me?
Heck yes! You can see testimonials on this page from people like Mick, who just wanted to spend more time with his daughter and cook dinner for his wife. I don’t have kids of my own or a partner but I’ve learned a lot from the members who do and I’ve seen the great results they get!
In fact, I’d say about 40% of members on the program last year had family or partners and – you might be surprised – around 60% of my Suitcase Entrepreneur community don’t actually want to gallivant around the world like me; they just want to have the freedom to do so if they choose to… Or they want to be able to take longer and more fulfilling holidays with their family when they feel like it, and because they deserve it!

The training isn’t designed for any specific personal situation, it aims to get you clear on YOUR perfect lifestyle and how to build a business that supports that; it’s unique to what you are willing to do to achieve the results you want.
I have an established business and it isn’t internet based, but I would like to get more strategies on how to operate smarter and in line with my desired lifestyle goals. Is this covered in the program?
The course definitely focuses on how you can run your business online to create more revenue streams to maximize your business, but I have plenty of Alumni and new members who have careers and brick-and-mortar businesses who simply want more freedom in their lives.
The approach is the same: you need to put lucrative sales funnels in place, create better systems, figure out a daily routine that makes you feel productive and plan your days to enjoy more free time with loved ones.

I also cover outsourcing of non-core functions to staff and team members and how to create boundaries with your clients and friends so that you can focus on your business and lead the lifestyle you want.

I believe that even modules such as our social media and marketing are immensely useful because every business needs to know how to get new leads and convert them into customers, whether directly online or from events, foot-traffic and networking.
Do I already need to have a niche and business idea?
To be honest, most entrepreneurs I know can’t actually name their niche. So no, you don’t need to have anything fully formed. You’ll get a much clearer idea of your personal ‘sweet spot’ in one of the earliest modules and this will help you work out your ideal customers and the niche you’ll establish in your sometimes complex markets.
Do I really get lifetime access to the program?
Absolutely, you do get lifetime access!
Anytime I make improvements, or I add in new content, learning, modules or make upgrades – you get the benefit for as long as I run this program!

Members who’ve been through it a second time have made huge leaps and bounds in progress and learned and applied even more.
Can I really afford this?
Only you can answer this for yourself. I’d like to think it’s the best investment you’ll make in yourself EVER (and other members can attest to this)!
Ask yourself if you’re worth it, if you’re willing to invest now in the future you really want, and whether putting off joining today will actually cost you more in the future.

Then ask yourself whether you can afford giving up a cup of coffee a day to have LIFETIME access to this program. You won’t regret it.
I want this life but I have no idea what I can do to earn money online or start a business. Will your course help me or should I wait until I know what to do?
I get where you are right now, but the first leap is always the most scary and once you’ve taken it, quite honestly, the right things start to happen.
To answer your question, I have had people who had NO idea for a business go through the program. I have even had those with businesses who were lacking freedom. So yes, if you’re prepared to work through the program with me and do the exercises, you will get a lot out of it, create your escape plan, and build a business you actually love.

Why wait when I can help you through my program to figure out just what you want to do!
Alison now has multiple passive income streams!
Alison King, 
Running Coach, New Zealand
“I chose the Freedom Plan™ above others because I already had trust in Natalie – I listened to her podcasts and knew that she knew her stuff, and she has a passion for others to pursue and live their ideal days.

Since the Freedom Plan™ I have run a sprint training bootcamp and a 5km beginner’s group (virtual and in-person). I have developed my residual income streams, made valuable contacts around the world and know that I am on the edge of something huge.

I’ve opened my mind up to other possibilities and what I can help others to achieve. I know I am on track to living my perfect day everyday.”
If you are currently unhappy with your present situation, don’t just sit back and accept what life has “handed to you.”

Get up and DO SOMETHING about it!

Yeah, I know – it’s not easy. You may have tried and failed. 

You may have had it tough or been the victim of terrible situations. But that doesn’t have to stop you from making your dreams a reality.
Don’t accept the status quo. FIGHT against it.
FIGHT for FREEDOM and the lifestyle you deserve and join The Freedom Plan™ today!

Want a more flexible option?


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